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LAUL Guild


The Los Angeles Urban League Guild is a volunteer group comprised of established community members who donate their time and support. Guild members deliver services that extend public understanding and community awareness, act as tutors and mentors, help to develop the leadership skills of ordinary individuals and engage them in local community issues, as well as fundraising activities and promote goodwill on behalf of the Los Angeles Urban League. Considered the heart and soul of the Urban League movement, “Guilders” contribute thousands of volunteer hours annually and play a pivotal role in connecting the Urban League to communities.


Guilders range in age from 45 to 95 and are active in more than 85 chapters in Urban League communities across the nation. Started in New York City in 1942 by Mrs. Mollie Moon, the National Council of Guilds was organized in 1952. The 85 chapters are organized according to the four Urban League regions – north, south, east and west – and operate under the direction of a Regional Coordinator.